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Unlock the Secret to Attracting Clients you LOVE!

with Mindy Altermatt!  

Join Mindy as she shares what your dream clients need to have to connect, engage with and trust you… AND what the secret sauce is to convert them to paying clients!


Thursday, July 11th 1 - 2 pm EST

What to clarify and amplify so your dream clients self-select into your offerings

You're a passionate and driven business owner who provides a service that your clients not only need but will make their lives so much easier!  You've got the desire, the expertise, the product, the service.... basically everything they need to help them achieve their goals.

You've experienced client successes.   You have experienced what it's like to work with people that fire you up.  People who not only need and accept what you're offering but you genuinely look forward to their calls and your meetings.  They do the work.  They pay your fee.  They get results.  They value you and your expertise, but most of all they leave you feeling filled up with abundant energy.   They are your DREAM CLIENTS!

But attracting dream clients isn't easy.   There just isn't enough hours in the day to market the way you know you should.   And where do you start?  

You're in the right place!

I see you...

In this webinar you'll learn:

How to thoroughly define YOUR dream client so marketing to them is effortless and actually feels good.

How to achieve a consistent brand image and voice and why it's so important

... and so much more!

"Mindy has helped me enhance my brand and continue to express my authentic business self. Her motivating coaching style makes her an absolute joy to work with."

Rita Zamora, CEO of Rita Zamora Connections

" Mindy is able to help me create an emotional connection that I would not otherwise have been able to create. She is able to help me take my blunt, to the point language and draw people in with creativity and conversational storytelling."

Dayna Johnson, Founder of Novonee

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